The New Year, 2013, has dawned with all the requisit hopes, fears and possibilities streatching before us.What does this year portend for us?Where will I be in another 12 months?Will many of my hopes and dreams become reality, or at the least, will I be moving towards them in a positive manner?

Have I set attainable goals for myself or am I just going to drift through another year with no real vision for my future?

One of the promises I've made to myself is that I would finally try and 'stay in touch' with the many wonderful people Reshma and I have come to know in our years of travel throughout this world.Hence, my first blog!

As I have sought the Lord during this holiday season I've come away with a greater urgency in my spirit to see His purposes accomplished in and through my life.I firmly believe that 'the finish line is in sight' and it is an imperative we are busy about the masters' business.

To date, Reshma and I have kept very busy in doing what we believed the Lord had been leading us to do in the past few years, and yet there seemed to be something missing from all that we've participated in.

I believe that ONE of the key factors for us to redeem the time and to accomplish more for the Kingdom of God is get our office functioning in a more efficient manner.

We are also beginning a new half hour TV show titled "For His Glory" to be aired every Sunday evening at 10pm on The Revival Channel.You can check out the schedule onwww.wordbroadcast.org.

I've had many asking when our next book would be out.God willing we should have something by June.The title at this time is, "The Character of the Bride."

Our schedule this year is pretty extensive and both Reshma and I are looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do.We know the Body of Christ has shifted into a new season of interaction with the glory the likes of which we've never witnessed before!The clairion call to a remnant people is going forth.It is a call to separation and consecration!Our prayer is that many will heed this call in this season.

Well, as first blogs go, I think I'll let this one rest.I look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing many of you once again this year.

For His Glory,

Bruce & Reshma Allen

Bruce D Allen 2013 abidesinrest@msn.com